"Misfits 40th Anniversary (Grave Edition)" by Shepard Fairey


Edition Details
Year: 2017
Released: 05/30/17
Run: 450
Technique: Screen Print
Paper: Cream Speckletone
Size (in): 18 X 24
Markings: Signed & Numbered

"The Misfits are a punk rock revelation and a band that have mesmerized me from my first introduction to them in 1985. Being asked to do a Misfits 40th anniversary logo recently was a huge honor, and that art is still available as a t-shirt now on the band’s websites - MisfitsOfficialMerch.com and MisfitsRecordsOfficial.com. I’m also very excited that the art is going to be dropping next week as two different variations of fine art screen prints. The Misfits art is pure alchemy genius and the best example of remixing marginal subculture imagery into a cohesive cult brand in history. From horror films, comics, serials, and B-movies the Misfits culled, cut, pasted, inked, and crafted possibly the most recognizable and enduring punk iconography ever. The thing that I love about the classic Misfits imagery is that it is well designed, but has a do-it-yourself charm that is organic and unfussy. I tried to channel this history through my artistic sensibility in the 40th logo and poster. I’ll be seeing you again!"
- Shepard Fairey

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